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Astrah... a variant of the Latin "astra" for "star," derived from an ancient scandanavian form of Astrid signifying the union of the divine and the beautiful. 

Fera... a feminine form of the Latin word ferus, a designation for being wild, untamed, bold, fierce...

Synonymous to composite words that form a new whole...

astriferous...starry, star covered

in its verb form,... to initiate beginning and passage, travel to action


A harmonious duality

the poetry of motion, the force of action

The super nova and the stardust we are made from

the gem to the pressure of the mountain

The edge of the modern future, informed by the vintage of history

the eternal dream

to give life/ to the transient state...of beauty


The symbol...

Many understand logo in modern terms, origin from makers mark by artists and artisans...

4 cut roses forming a cross and compass direction and salvation

overlaid with tools signifying the history of craftsmanship and legacy of artistry of ateliers of old...

form of a star going supernova, petals forming crystal shards seeding the galaxy with precious gems

the larger forms the outline of a cosmic butterfly

the summation of strength, elegance, ...freedom